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Customer Testimonials

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I'm so glad I found FYI telco - I was previously with another provider for my business and it turns out they were severely overcharging me. FYI telco helped me move across to their platform with ease - the staff are great and very helpful. One of the best things about FYI Telco is definitely their affordable pricing - they have a plan for all business sizes..

Blake Harrold Google Review

Very impressed with the responsive support we received from FYI Telco after their recent update (particularly appreciate the new greeting recording options), Tony has been on the ball to ensure that we have also been able to retain the little things about the service that we have been enjoying since 2012.

worksorted Google Review

We recently signed up for a 1300 number and were surprised with the ease and simplicity of the entire setup process.
The answering point was so simple to set and the number was operational within minutes.
I would highly recommend your service.

Adrian Rent And Own Australia Pty Ltd

Today's ever growing demand for innovation in communication requires quality support for organisations innovating for this demand. FYI Telco made finding a 1300/1800 provider an easy exercise for us and is also working well for our Customers.

Melvin Charalytics CustomerX

Fantastic service and all works great with no interruptions to service. Thanks FYI, keep up the good work!

Brendan Zone Trading Pty Ltd

Thank you so much for the quality and service you guys have provided us. The custom unique phone number definitely gives us the professional advantage in the very competitive business game.
A must have for any businesses in this day and age!
If you need any custom phone number forwarding service, look no further than FYI Telco!

Michael Nocturnal Designers

FYI Telco's 1300 number has been useful to Orion Security Group with our business, in particular the answering service email notifications. Great service thus far. Many thanks.

James Orion Security Group

I have been extremely happy with the service received from FYI Telco. Setup was quick and easy, and the actual service has worked perfectly. I highly recommend FYI Telco for your 1300 number needs.

John eVoluzion Web Services

Setting up our 1300 number with FYI Telco was very simple and fast as everything is done online. I was amazed at how cheap it is.

Stepan Hero.Work

Getting a 1300 number has never been so easy took 10mins to do the longest part was picking the number we wanted thank you for providing such a easy hassle free service.

Jacqueline Fresh Fit Food

We've been using FYI Telco for a few months now as a replacement for another forwarding service. We are always on the go, but want to provide a number that our customers can easily reach us on without giving out our personal phone numbers. Unfortunately, the other service we were using would cut out all the time and never properly answer calls. FYI Telco so far has been great and has solved this issue with us. It's affordable and works!

Rae Verve Cycling

I signed up for the 1300 service a while back and I would like to express my appreciation of the service.
The service itself was easy to join, instructions were very clear and the operation was quick.
In operation the service has been very useful to present a single support number to our clients and through re direction be able to answer queries immediate wherever I am.
I particularly like the regular advice of the the credit balance. This is particularly useful as it saves time (and it could be easily forgotten) of having to do this myself proactively.

Mark 3D Industries Australia

Great service! Has all the features a business needs to successfully manage customer calls. From whispers to voicemail! The rate is also very competitive. We are happy with FYI Telco's service.

Steve Codemaster Institute

The set up process was very simple and there is someone at the end of the phone if ever you have a concern. Great to work with.


FYI Telco has provided a streamlined and cost-effective hosting service for our 1300 number with easy online access and excellent account activity tools. The service is faultless and we haven't missed a call!

Lisa, Austral College

So far, I have no complaints or issues using FYI telco. Cheap and good quality. Keep up the good work.

Abdullah, Seek The Deal Pty Ltd

It was very fast and easy for us to initiate our account, and we had our number activated within the same day with no hassle. Since then we have had seamless service. Definitely a cheap and reliable solution for us.

David, Casainox Flow Solutions

I am very happy with the FYI Telco service. I recently switched from another provider, who were far more expensive, and difficult to deal with, or get visibility of the services and billing info.

The migration to FYI Telco couldn't have gone smoother and simpler. They even offered to show me how to save further money on the plan I was intending to choose. So really went out of their way to make me happy and comfortable.

I highly recommend their service.

Jeff, Xelvert

Have found FYI Telco's service to be straight forward, uncomplicated and most importantly up and running 24/7. Very good value for money. Would certainly recommend to others.

Cathy, The Temporary Alternative

I am very happy with FYI Telco service and would recommend to my family and friends to join with company. Thanks again.

Aktar, AAA Group Australia Pty Ltd

I chose FYI Telco as my 1800 number provider because when I spoke to them they easily and professionally answered all my queries. The service is excellent and very competitively priced. I like the flexibility of not being locked into a contract. The voicemail service is good and can be personalised to your business. The call logs are useful and are updated in real time.

Karen, Quick Auto Parts

I searched for days trying to find a 1300 portal carrier that had full service at reasonable prices.
I was reluctant to commit as so many carriers seem cheap up front, but when the calls start flowing they suddenly become expensive.
In the end I found FYI Telco.
I wasn't sure if they were a legitimate brand as the pricing was so cheap it didn't seem right.
After some research on the company and business registrations, I contacted them via email.
They replied quickly then called to follow-up my enquiry.
The next day I am signed up, have full portal control of my service, have the best 1300 rates going, and I have full service connection.
The calls are flowing, communications are running without issue, and I’m about to host a second number with them.
Thank You FYI Telco.

Anthony, SO HO Media Technology Pty Ltd

Fantastic customer service with an Australian call centre! Staff we extremely fast in teaching me how to setup my 1300 number! Prices are extremely cheap also! (it's the truth!)

Simon, Inner West IT

Great Service! I needed a 1300 number for my business and was able to set it up and test it in a matter of minutes online. There were many available numbers to choose from, and a user friendly account management tool to set routing options and other features. I had one query, and was contacted by a representative of FYI Telco in short order to discuss. Very professional.

Eddie, Random Masters

We have absolutely loved using FYI Telco for our 1800 number hosting. We have recently hired a manager, and it's made it so easy for him to receive the 1800 calls on his mobile!
He can see that it's a specific number that comes up if someone's calling through the 1800 number so he can always answer the phone appropriately.
We absolutely love the service, it's so cheap but so effective. The voicemail service is great too, the mp3 gets emailed to you straight away and I can listen to it and make sure it gets taken care of.
Their service is prompt and personal, I had someone call me at 9pm one night when I had some issues understanding the process and they walked me through it straight away. Absolutely fantastic product – would definitely recommend FYI Telco to anyone thinking about getting a 1300/1800 number.
Feel free to use this testimonial in any marketing efforts.

Evan, Triumph Tutoring

We needed a 1300 fast to support our newly created eCommerce site on the web. FYI Telco were the obvious choice as they offer fantastic value, the ability to choose our own number, painless set up and self serve routing configuration.
The service has been faultless with our important customer calls routed immediately to our nominated landline every time. We can quickly and easily change our 1300 termination number to our mobiles if we are on the move and have line hunt and message bank options should we have a need for them.
With such great products and ease of set up I would happily recommend FYI Telco to any business requiring 1300/1800 services

Douglas, 6 Sense Web Solutions

As a small business owner, every dollar counts and any savings is equity I can put right back into growing my business. FYI Telco is a cost effective way of providing a professional phone number and identity for my marketing efforts and attract more leads and customers both online and offline.

Matt, >Digital Taskforce

I have found the FYI Telco service easy to use and very cost effective. A 1300 number has made advertising and printing so much easier as we have been able to move to larger premises without having to change numbers. The cost we saved on having to reprint business cards have paid for the service.

James, Wolf Energy Pty Ltd

We have been using FYI Telco for a few months now and the customer service is great, they respond quickly to any queries and make it clear they want to keep your business ongoing.

Peter, Combined Group

I had called around to find a 1300 supplier for a club I am with, most suppliers said the same (Not much) and charged Setup fees or wanted a Fixed Contract signed and then the "hidden cost".
When I called FYITelco they was more then willing to help and told me all the cost involved, with no setup fees & contracts, also the free and easy access to there Call Management Features.
The setup was so fast & phone support they give is the best, I asked about a few things and was told in easy to understand terms how to do it.
The best part was, we listed the number on the club website and had a call via it, the caller thought it was great that we had a central number that they could call, this call allowed us to be able to obtain a grant.
Many thanks go out to FYI Telco and there team, thanks for you help...

Shane, Australian Road Transport Heritage Centre

FYI Telco were fantastic and set me up with the best solution for my small business. They confidently talked me through my options and patiently explained their processes and web access to help me manage my business phone. I would recommend them to anyone.

Tasha, TP3 Globalp

Ammonite uses FYI Telco for our 1300 number and we've been pretty happy with the operation and customisation we can do with it. We can easily change it over to different mobiles if one of us is out of the office, which some other providers cannot do. Overall we're very satisfied.

Mike, Ammonite

We would like to say that we have been very impressed with the 1800 number we have through FYI Telco. With a myriad of choices out there in todays market, we chose to go with a lesser known company but have been very happy with our choice. Great service and proactive email reminders of our account balance so our credit does not run out. And no up-selling pressure makes it a service you are happy to affiliate with. Keep up the good work.

Callum, The Reno Shop