Looking For A Truly Reliable Professional Live Answer Service

If you're a startup or small business looking for a new 1300/1800 number, it's vital you capture every customer call with our simplified Professional Live Answer Service.

Never Miss A Call Again, Ever!

Our Simplified Live Answering Service is the next step to ensure your startup or small business maintains that truly professional image at all times.... 24/7.

Our Simplified Professional Live Answer Service collects your caller's name, company name and phone number.

Our NZ based Live Operators are professionally trained, well-spoken and can answer your calls 24/7 in your business name.

Each Live Answer message is sent by SMS with the message details and also to your email box for your records.

Our Live Answering Service is unique because we allocate you a "1800 Live Answer Service Number".

The benefit of our Professional Live Answer Service is that we can configure your 1300 number or 1800 number to your home phone or office phone to divert to our Professional Live Answer messages when your home phone or office phone is busy or rings out after, say, 10 seconds.

Another of our Professional Live Answer Service benefits is that we can also configure your Live Answer messages to automatically redirect at specified times (e.g. after office hours).

Professional Live Answer pricing

For $10 a month + $1.50/min, you can have your very own Simplified Professional Live Answer Service set up in no time.

Professional Live Answer FAQ

Can I Have Live Answer Divert To My Mobile Phone?

Our Live Answer Service is offered as a stand-alone service or as an overflow feature to your landline when your landline is busy. No, we don't recommend overflow diversions to or from a mobile phone. While our system permits diversions from a mobile phone to a landline or another mobile phone, we do so on the understanding that if a fault occurs with your mobile phone or with your mobile phone's Provider which causes your diversion configuration to a landline or mobile phone to cease functioning as you expect it is not possible for us to assist you as we don't have control over your mobile phone/provider's settings.

Can The Live Answer Service Take Product Or Service Orders?

Our Live Answer Service is perfectly postioned as a simple, basic and very economical service suited to home-based or sole trader businesses. Our Live Answer receptionists do not interact with your customers other than in taking simple, basic reply-back contact details of from your customer.

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