$0 Promo Startup Plan Explained

Our $0 Per Month Promo Startup Plan Sells Itself

Recurring minimum monthly hosting plan fee: $0 Yep, you heard us, zero, zilch.
Recurring minimum spend: $0 Yep, you heard us, zero, zilch.


All "in Real-Time" Features included.

Special Offer Conditions:

1. Only applies to one new 1300 number.
2. Only one Promo Plan per new customer.
3. Excludes existing customers.
4. Excludes 1300 Smart Number connection.
5. Excludes 1300 number transfers.
6. Offer available for up to 6 months.
7. After 6 months then move to $4.95 Base Plan.
8. Add 10c/min for any optional feature.

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