You may appoint an additonal Authorised Representative to act on your behalf.

All you need do is add the additional Authorised Representative's unique email address (e.g. to your account through your Customer Toolbox. You will find Customer Toolbox login assistance at: Login

Authorised Representative's Terms & Conditions:

  1. The maximum number of Authorised Representative's permitted is three. Under the Commonwealth Of Australia's Privacy Act 1988 we will only engage with an Authorised Representative. Requests or demands for engagement with us from a non-Authorised Representative will not be accepted. Any such request will be referred back to the Authorised Representative. A breach will result in termination of our hosting.
  2. Any request to add an addtional Authorised Representative other than through the Customer Toolbox will not be permitted e.g. emailing us a request or by way of a phone request. It is the responsibilty of the Authorised Representative to add an additional Authorised Representative stricty by way of the Customer Toolbox.
  3. Each Authorised Representative must not give out the Customer Toolbox's Customer ID or password. A breach will result in termination of our hosting.
  4. We do not separate out the various types of emails we that send out to Authorised Representatives. That is, each and every email in the your Customer Toolbox will receive the same email correspondence from us including (but not limited to) invoice emails, password reset emails and account balance notifications and any other email required to ensure we fully engage with you.