Cheap 1300 Numbers

If you are looking for cheap 1300 numbers you need to consider if you will have a few calls a day or volumes of calls a month. The higher the volume the greater the discount. With us our plans start at just 5c a day and is suitable for a start up business. When you grow you can move to higher discounts at Telecom Corp.

Beware White Label Telco Providers And Other Things

There are many, many businesses out their pretending to be genuine telecommunication providers.
Most of these pretend telco providers merely white label 1300 numbers from an upstream telecommunication provider. That means a white label telco provider relies 100% on its upstream telecommunications provider for 1300 number activations, 1300 number diversion changes, 1300 number feature changes and more.

Costly Delays

Take, for example, a simple 1300 number diversion change. Unfortunately, a white label telco provider may take hours or days because they are held captive to the upstream telecommunication provider. This red tape can result in costly delays particularly if there is an out-of-hours emergency diversion required due to some outage. Lost calls mean lost sales.

Rule# 1:

When shopping around to host a 1300 Number ask this simple question... can I change my 1300 number diversion instantly in real-time? If the answer is no... bingo, you've just busted a white label telco provider. FYI Telco provides you with a 24/7 real-time, self-service Customer Toolbox.

Cheap Rates - Degraded Service?

Another way to spot a white label telco provider is by their ultra-cheap rates. Ultra-cheap rates are great for consumers but not if the white label telco's customer service degrades as more customers are on-boarded. You see, as more customers are loaded onto their books, the more human resources are required to fulfil provisioning orders with their upstream provider e.g. 1300 Number activations, 1300 Number diversion changes, 1300 Number features changes etc.. The whole system starts to bog down particularly at peak times such as Friday afternoon diversion changes for the weekend. Delays equal poor customer service compared to a 24/7 real-time, self-service Telco Provider like FYI Telco.

Rule# 2:

When shopping around for the best 1300 Number hosting prices only deal with telecommunication providers who give you access to a real-time Customer Portal like FYI Telco's 24/7 real-time, self-service Customer Toolbox.

Cheap Rates - Belly Up?

Some people mistakenly think 1300 numbers are just another commodity where bottom rates guarantee the best bang for your buck. Hmm... Telecube promoted bottom 1300 number rates and... well, went belly up owing $1.68M including over $600K to Vocus. Source:

Hmm... Buzz Telco, went belly up owing $1.8M to AAPT and Vocus. Source:

Rule# 3:

When shopping around for the best 1300 Number hosting prices only deal with telecommunication providers who are debt free. FYI Telco is completely debt free. That means we pay our T1 Telecommunication suppliers like Telstra, Optus and My Net Fone on time... all the time. It is in the interests of our customers to exclusivley deal with T1 Telecommunication suppliers that are financially very stable.

Destroy Your Business By Aggregating Services

It's quite amazing how many business owners just don't get it... that their 1300 number is the big entry point to their business. You'd think they'd want to protect it, save it, help it at all costs. Nope... they aggregate everything into one, single point of failure called aggregation of services or worse go for broke bottom prices.

The investment world tells us that we must diversify to survive yet naive business owners (or their I.T./finance managers) take the lazy road by putting ALL of their services with one, single telco provider (point of failure). Why... because it's easier to pay just one invoice. Most of these single-point-of failure telcos have no interest/capacity in protecting your 1300 number business asset.

For your protection, we monitor our hosted 1300 numbers through Toll Shield.

Rule# 4:

Always diversify your risk by placing your prime business asset, your 1300 number, in the hands of a telecommunication provider that specialises exclusively in the "inbound" telecommunications space and, of course, is not a white label reseller.

FYI Telco 1300 Number Features:

Each 1300 Number Comes With Loads Of Free Featues:
We offer heavily discounted 1300 number and 1800 number rates compared to our main competitors because we are a true telco providing a true, real-time Custmer Tool Box.

Included Plan Features:
  1. 24/7 Real Time Destination Changes
  2. 24/7 Live Diversion Changes
  3. Multiple Call Overflow
  4. Voice To Email
  5. Call Forwarding
  6. Time Of Day Routing
  7. Day Of Week Routing
  8. Business Introduction Audio
  9. True Live Call Reporting
  10. Pre-Pay and Auto-Top Up
  11. Direct Debit and Bpay and much more...